May 31, 2020 | 5:46 am
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We are always searching for new ways to treat our complaints and ailments although peoples perceptions are that crystal therapies are something new they are in fact an ancient treatment.
Crystals and gemstones have been used for thousands of years as powerful healing aids. We may not always be conscious of it, but Crystal Therapy is part of our everyday life. We use the power of crystals in the form of rock salt and season our food using table salt crystals. Many people wear precious, semi-precious stones and different minerals not only as jewellery but for their healing benefits as well.
crystal healing is a powerful, yet gentle therapy that works on all levels of the body, mind and spirit? Crystals have the potential to help all of us in a specialized way. You’ll discover how they can draw in and radiate healing energy specific to each symptom of illness.




• Reiki Healing Treatment  £25
• Aura Clearing
• Chakra Clearing
• Opening and Balancing of the Chakras
• Strengthening of the Aura
• Chakra rebuild in the Aura
• Aura Repair Treatment with Chakra Balancing treatment
• Heamatite Sheild
• Cirine and Heamatite Energy Boost
• Seventh Heaven Crystal Facial
A• ngelite or Rose Quatz clearing and rebalance

Prices start from £20 to £45


During a healing treatment, I ask you to remove your shoes and lay down on the treatment couch. I may burn essential oils and soothing music is played. I will assess the nature of any blockages in your auric field and then choose crystals with the appropriate energy frequency to help restore harmony and balance. Crystals are placed on and around your body before I work on raising your chi and balancing your chakras and energy field. The energies of specific crystals may be calming, energizing, purifying, grounding or uplifting. They may have a protective, soft, direct, light, profound or other energetic quality. Your crystal Reiki Ihealing treatment takes 45 mins to an hour
Apart from promoting wellness and helping to prevent physical illness, crystal healing can be of use for:

•    Anxiety
•    Pre-and-post-operative care
•    Self development
•    Improving self confidence
•    Increasing creativity and focus
•    Balancing mind, body & spirit
•    Moving through change